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If you are a new swimmer wanting to join the NZL Swim School, please fill in the Form on the left. If you are an existing member, use the Thinksmart Portal Link on the right.

New Swimmers

All new swimmers require an assessment to determine the most appropriate level for them.

Please fill in information below as accurately as possible.

For multiple swimmers, please enter information in the same box, separated by a comma.

We will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a convenient assessment day and time.


    Returning Swimmers

    Swimming lessons operate on a term by term enrolment (school term). You will also be able to book school holiday programmes here.

    Please use the link below to log back into your “thinksmart” portal account or register an account if you have recently completed an assessment.

    For help with your account, please find a basic guide below.

    To change a booking or for any other issues, contact Bridget at: lessons@nzlswim.com

    Thinksmart portal Login / Register new account

    Thinksmart portal app to download

    Wanting to book private lessons?

    Private lessons are a great way to ensure your specific needs are catered for and can offer:

    1. A more focussed learning environment with less distractions
    2. Explanation as to why they are doing certain skills & how that integrates with the swimming strokes, pro0moting faster learning & more confidence.
    3. More practice time and attention on areas needing refinement. The ability to practice drills & use equipment that may not be possible in a group lesson.

    One of our highly experienced teachers will develop a programme tailored to your swimmer and the skills they need to improve or learn. Book 2-3 lessons or a whole term depending on our recommendations and your requirements. If you have 2 children or want to swim with a friend we can offer 1:2 private lessons. These still offer more focus on the individual but with the added fun of sharing the experience.

    Every swimmer is unique and learns in different ways or at a different pace. Enquire with Bridget at: lessons@nzlswim.com to arrange your private lesson booking