Phoenix Aquatics - Short Course Records (25m)

JULY 2021

8 years and under

35.5417-Jan-20Anthony Mosse ClassicJade Lyles50 FrMax Zhao2022 NZ Junior Festival5-Nov-2235.47
1.15.4917-Jan-20Anthony Mosse ClassicJade Lyles100 FrMax Zhao2022 NZ Junior Festival5-Nov-221.20.88
2.43.3717-Jan-20Anthony Mosse ClassicJade Lyles200 FrMaojia LiWhl 50, 200 and 400 Meet26-Jun-213.16.71
6.20.8718-Oct-20Mount MadnessSophia Kivileva400 Fr
39.4716-Feb-20TBSS Central City Level 2Jade Lyles50 BkMax ZhaoASA Junior Champs8-Jul-2243.15
1.18.1316-Feb-18NZ Junior FestivalMila Jackson100 BkMax ZhaoASA Junior Champs8-Jul-221.35.30
2.54.1313-Mar-20NZ Junior FestivalJade Lyles200 Bk
41.5116-Feb-18NZ Junior FestivalMila Jackson50 BrMax Zhao2022 NZ Junior Festival5-Nov-2249.13
1.42.2718-Oct-20NSS Level 3Michelle Ai100 BrMax Zhao2022 NZ Junior Festival5-Nov-221.49.35
3.16.8316-Feb-18NZ Junior FestivalMila Jackson200 Br
40.8924-Jan-21Anthony Mosse ClassicSophia Kivileva50 FlyThomas XuCoast Level 38-Aug-2039.86
1.36.5620-Aug-22CCY L1/L2Flora Chen100 Fly
1.27.2713-Mar-20NZ Junior FestivalJade Lyles100 IMMax Zhao2022 NZ Junior Festival5-Nov-221.30.67
3.08.6016-Feb-20TBSS Central City Level 2Jade Lyles200 IMMax ZhaoWaterhole 400/50's17-Sept-223.20.26

9 years

32.376-Feb-21NZ Junior FestivalJade Lyles50 FrJerry SunASA SC Champs7-Sep-1834.40
1.11.746-Feb-21NZ Junior FestivalJade Lyles100 FrJerry SunMTE L223-Jun-181:12.95
2.32.646-Feb-21NZ Junior FestivalJade Lyles200 FrJerry SunROS Level Meet12-Aug-182:40.23
6.05.8926-Jun-21Whl 50, 200 and 400 MeetEmily Peng400 FrLucas WangSwimming BOP Classic 202214-Aug-225.53.02
37.306-Feb-21NZ Junior FestivalJade Lyles50 BkJerry SunASA SC Champs7-Sep-1839.94
1.18.726-Feb-21NZ Junior FestivalJade Lyles100 BkMichael YangNZ Junior Festival6-Feb-211:29.45
2.51.9824-Jan-21Anthony Mosse ClassicJade Lyles200 BkAaron ZhangASA Junior Champs11-Jun-213.04.33
41.2721-Oct-222022 Central NI ChampsAmy Tian50 BrMichael YangAnthony Mosse Classic24-Jan-2141.06
1.30.5421-Oct-222022 Central NI ChampsAmy Tian100 BrMichael YangNZ Junior Festival6-Feb-211:29.90
3.07.7621-Oct-222022 Central NI ChampsAmy Tian200 BrLucas WangSwimming BOP Classic 202214-Aug-223.39.61
36.776-Feb-21NZ Junior FestivalJade Lyles50 FlyJerry SunASA SC Champs7-Sep-1835.87
1.25.9513-Mar-20NZ Junior FestivalSophie Qu100 FlyJerry SunASA SC Champs7-Sep-181:19.93
1.21.686-Feb-21NZ Junior FestivalHope Wang100 IMJerry SunASA SC Champs7-Sep-181:24.25
2.53.736-Feb-21NZ Junior FestivalHope Wang200 IMLucas WangPSC Club Night6-Aug-223.06.02

10 years

Female10 YearsMale
31.9313-Mar-20NZ Junior FestivalDeonna Qu50 FrOsbert GuAnthony Mosse Classic17-Jan-2031.53
1.09.1011-Jun-21ASA Junior ChampsJade Lyles100 FrJerry SunASA SC Champs23-Aug-191.10.56
2.30.8311-Jun-21ASA Junior ChampsHope Wang200 FrLucas Wang2022 NZ Junior Festival5-Nov-222.38.92
5.15.9526-Jun-21Whl 50, 200 and 400 MeetHope Wang400 FrZhuorui WuWhl 50, 200 and 400 Meet26-Jun-215.46.15
NT800 FrNT
34.945-Nov-222022 NZ Junior FestivalEmily Peng50 BkOsbert GuAnthony Mosse Classic17-Jan-2036.89
1.16.5014-Nov-20TBSS 12 & under L1/L2Arissa Liu100 BkOsbert GuAnthony Mosse Classic17-Jan-201.17.33
2.45.4324-Jan-21Anthony Mosse ClassicSophie Qu200 BkOsbert GuROS Level 218-Aug-192.58.04
41.625-Nov-222022 NZ Junior FestivalEmily Peng50 BrMichael YangMt Eden L1/229-May-2238.56
1.28.805-Nov-222022 NZ Junior FestivalMichelle Ai100 BrMichael YangMt Eden L1/229-May-221.25.61
3.07.9821-Oct-222022 Central NI ChampsMichelle Ai200 BrZhuorui WuCoast Level 316-May-20213.23.97
36.9313-Mar-20NZ Junior FestivalDeonna Qu50 FlyJerry SunASA SC Champs23-Aug-1933.63
1.19.056-Feb-21NZ Junior FestivalSophie Qu100 FlyJerry SunASA SC Champs23-Aug-191.14.46
NT200 FlyJerry SunWaterhole Level 110-Aug-192.53.21
1.19.6611-Jun-21ASA Junior ChampsHope Wang100 IMOsbert GuAnthony Mosse Classic17-Jan-201.17.18
2.47.7624-Jan-21Anthony Mosse ClassicDeonna Qu200 IMOsbert GuAnthony Mosse Classic17-Jan-202.49.71
6.52.2428-Jul-19Waterhole 400/50'sElsa Shu400 IMJerry SunWaterhole 400/50's28-Jul-195.53.79

11 years

Female11 YearsMale
29.985-Nov-222022 NZ Junior FestivalHope Wang50 FrOsbert GuAnthony Mosse Classic24-Jan-2128.28
1.05.478-Jul-22ASA Junior ChampsHope Wang100 FrOsbert GuNZ Junior Festival6-Feb-211.01.74
2.21.878-Jul-22ASA Junior ChampsHope Wang200 FrOsbert GuNZ Junior Festival6-Feb-212.19.24
4.51.4217-Sept-22Waterhole 400/50'sHope Wang400 FrStanley WuWaterhole 400/50's17-Sept-225.21.14
31.3711-Jun-21ASA Junior ChampsArissa Liu50 BkOsbert GuNZ Junior Festival6-Feb-2132.59
1.10.6111-Jun-21ASA Junior ChampsArissa Liu100 BkOsbert GuNZ Junior Festival6-Feb-211.11.29
2.34.5411-Jun-21ASA Junior ChampsArissa Liu200 BkOsbert GuNZ Junior Festival6-Feb-212.29.84
38.055-Nov-222022 NZ Junior FestivalHope Wang50 BrOsbert GuNZ Junior Festival6-Feb-2136.94
1.21.8715-Feb-19NZ Junior FestivalJasmine Lyles100 BrOsbert GuNZ Junior Festival6-Feb-211.19.28
2.56.2515-Feb-19NZ Junior FestivalJasmine Lyles200 BrOsbert GuNZ Junior Festival6-Feb-212.52.96
32.1326-Jun-21Whl 50, 200 and 400 MeetArissa Liu50 FlyOsbert GuAnthony Mosse Classic24-Jan-2131.03
1.12.478-Jul-22ASA Junior ChampsHope Wang100 FlyOsbert GuNZ Junior Festival6-Feb-211.10.48
NT200 FlyMax HongSCM Junior Champs12-Dec-203.11.31
1.12.095-Nov-222022 NZ Junior FestivalHope Wang100 IMOsbert GuNZ Junior Festival6-Feb-211.09.38
2.34.945-Nov-222022 NZ Junior FestivalHope Wang200 IMOsbert GuAnthony Mosse Classic24-Jan-212.30.62
5.54.4128-Jul-19Waterhole 400/50'sRuby Qu400 IMOsbert GuTBSS Central City Level 216-Feb-206.07.46

12 years

Female12 YearsMale
28.965-Nov-222022 NZ Junior FestivalArissa Liu50 FrTroy BlijlevensASA Junior Champs11-Jun-2127.41
1.02.485-Nov-222022 NZ Junior FestivalArissa Liu100 FrJethrow YoonMt Eden L1/229-May-221.00.51
2.18.138-Jul-22ASA Junior ChampsArissa Liu200 FrJethrow YoonRoskill L1 & L231-Jul-222.12.95
4.57.328-Jul-22ASA Junior ChampsArissa Liu400 FrJason ElsWhl 50, 200 and 400 Meet26-Jun-214.45.76
NT800 FrJason ElsMt Eden L1/L203-Jul-219.42.71
30.254-Sept-22AIMS GamesArissu Liu50 BkOsbert GuASA Junior Champs11-Jun-2131.80
1.06.075-Nov-222022 NZ Junior FestivalArissa Liu100 BkOsbert GuASA Junior Champs11-Jun-211.08.17
2.20.364-Sept-22AIMS GamesArissa Liu200 BkJason ElsNZ Junior Festival6-Feb-212.26.76
35.7813-Mar-20NZ Junior FestivalJasmine Lyles50 BrJethrow YoonASA Junior Champs8-Jul-2233.30
1.18.8717-Jan-20Anthony Mosse ClassicJasmine Lyles100 BrJethrow YoonASA Junior Champs8-Jul-221.11.71
2.46.1813-Mar-20NZ Junior FestivalJasmine Lyles200 BrJethrow YoonASA Junior Champs8-Jul-222.34.40
30.7111-Jun-21ASA Junior ChampsRuby Qu50 FlyJethrow YoonASA Junior Champs8-Jul-2229.71
1.09.455-Nov-222022 NZ Junior FestivalArissa Liu100 FlyJethrow YoonASA Junior Champs8-Jul-221.05.05
NT200 FlyAleksandr KivilevAnthony Mosse Classic24-Jan-212.42.65
1.11.674-Sept-22AIMS GamesArissa Liu100 IMJethrow YoonASA Junior Champs8-Jul-221.08.43
2.32.1213-Mar-20NZ Junior FestivalJasmine Lyles200 IMJethrow YoonASA Junior Champs8-Jul-222.23.63
NT400 IMOsbert GuWhl 50, 200 and 400 Meet26-Jun-215.14.53

13 - 14 years

Female13 - 14 YearsMale
28.149-May-2021DIV IILily-Anne Humphreys50 FrOsbert GuNZSC Champs23-Aug-2225.32
1.00.3729-Jul-212021 ASA SC ChampsJasmine Lyles100 FrOsbert GuNZSC Champs23-Aug-2255.04
2.13.8622-Jul-21NZ Sec. School ChampsElizabeth Brennan200 FrJack PotierNZ Sec. School Champs22-Jul-212.01.04
4.41.0526-Jun-21Whl 50, 200 and 400 MeetElizabeth Brennan400 FrJack PotierNZ Sec. School Champs22-Jul-214.13.10
9.33.6803-Jul0-21Mt Eden L1/L2Elizabeth Brennan800 FrJack Potier2021 ASA SC Champs29-Jul-218.44.78
18.32.2603-Jul-21Mt Eden L1/L2Elizabeth Brennan1500 FrJack PotierMt Eden L1/L203-Jul-2117.01.59
28.103-Oct-17NZ SC ChampsYiqiong Zhang50 BkYeenok ZhangNZSC Champs23-Aug-2227.74
1.01.413-Oct-17NZ SC ChampsYiqiong Zhang100 BkYeenok ZhangNZSC Champs23-Aug-221.00.09
2.28.528-Jul-22Evolution MeetAimee McGivern200 BkYeenok ZhangNZSC Champs23-Aug-222.11.65
NZ SC Champs
2021 ASA SC Champs
Rebecca Wilkins
Jasmine Lyles
50 BrJoseph ShinWaterhole 400s plus 50s Meet17-Sept-2231.51
1.13.891-Oct-19NZ SC ChampsRebecca Wilkins100 BrMack HongNZ Sec. School Champs13-Sep-181.09.29
2.36.8012-Sep-19NZ Sec. School ChampsRebecca Wilkins200 BrJoseph ShinNZ Sec. School Champs28-Jul-222.26.75
29.103-Oct-17NZ SC ChampsYiqiong Zhang50 FlyYeenok ZhangNZSC Champs23-Aug-2228.22
1.03.253-Oct-17NZ SC ChampsYiqiong Zhang100 FlyYeenok ZhangASA SC Champs7-Aug-221.02.26
2.37.6110-Aug-19Waterhole Level 1Rebecca Wilkins200 FlyJack PotierNZ Sec. School Champs22-Jul-212.17.94
1.07.5729-Jul-212021 ASA SC ChampsJasmine Lyles100 IMOsbert GuNZSC Champs23-Aug-221.02.78
2.27.6229-Jul-212021 ASA SC ChampsJasmine Lyles200 IMOsbert GuEvolution Meet8-Jul-222.15.25
5.11.481-Oct-19NZ SC ChampsRebecca Wilkins400 IMOsbert GuNZSC Champs23-Aug-224.55.30

15 - 16 years

Female15 - 16 YearsMale
28.3626-Jun-21Whl 50, 200 and 400 MeetRebecca Wilkins50 FrBrandon HolderNZSC Champs23-Aug-2224.29
1.00.4123-Aug-22NZSC ChampsAlina Jin100 FrBrandon HolderNZSC Champs23-Aug-2253.35
2.10.4923-Aug-22NZSC ChampsElizabeth Brennan200 FrRandal LiNZ Sec. School Champs28-Jul-222.02.52
4.32.4223-Aug-22NZSC ChampsElizabeth Brennan400 FrBailey WangASA Winter Champs8-Sep-174.08.30
NT800 FrCharles HeathcoteNZSC Champs23-Aug-228.42.84
NT1500 FrCharles HeathcoteNZSC Champs23-Aug-2216.31.70
28.987-Sep-18ASA SC ChampsYiqiong Zhang50 BkBrandon HolderNZ Sec. School Champs28-Jul-2226.82
1.04.117-Sep-18ASA SC ChampsYiqiong Zhang100 BkBrandon HolderNZSC Champs23-Aug-2258.43
2.20.5723-Aug-22NZSC ChampsDoyoun KIm200 BkMatthew ZhengNZSC Champs23-Aug-222.07.94
33.6222-Jul-21NZ Sec. School ChampsRebecca Wilkins50 BrMatthew HolderNZ SC Champs3-Oct-1729.07
1.11.8029-Jul-212021 ASA SC ChampsRebecca Wilkins100 BrMatthew HolderNZ SC Champs3-Oct-171.03.23
2.30.0229-Jul-212021 ASA SC ChampsRebecca Wilkins200 BrBailey WangNZ SC Champs3-Oct-172.18.08
28.377-Sep-18ASA SC ChampsYiqiong Zhang50 FlyAndrei SoldatovicAnthony Mosse Classic24-Jan-2126.34
1.05.247-Sep-18ASA SC ChampsYiqiong Zhang100 FlyAndrei SoldatovicAnthony Mosse Classic24-Jan 211.00.13
NT200 FlyCharles HeathcoteNZSC Champs23-Aug-222.20.68
1.07.638-Jul-22Evolution MeetJasmine Lyles100 IMMatthew ZhengASA SC Champs7-Aug-221.01.83
2.23.4224-Jan-21Anthony Mosse ClassicMorgan Ridderhof200 IMBailey WangNZ SC Champs3-Oct-172.07.68
5.03.4729-Jul-212021 ASA SC ChampsRebecca Wilkins400 IMBailey WangASA Winter Champs8-Sep-174.37.25

17 - 18 years

Female17 - 18 YearsMale
27.573-Oct-17NZ SC ChampsBobbi Gichard50 FrMatthew HolderNZ Sec. School Champs12-Sep-1923.86
58.233-Oct-17NZ SC ChampsBobbi Gichard100 FrBailey WangAnthony Mosse Classic18-Jan-1953.61
2.02.763-Oct-17NZ SC ChampsBobbi Gichard200 FrBailey WangASA SC Champs7-Sep-181.57.05
4.21.413-Oct-17NZ SC ChampsBobbi Gichard400 FrBailey WangAnthony Mosse Classic18-Jan-194.03.97
10.51.6310-Aug-19Waterhole Level 1Noya Oporto800 FrNT
NT1500 FrNT
28.143-Oct-17NZ SC ChampsBobbi Gichard50 BkBailey WangAnthony Mosse Classic18-Jan-1927.57
59.723-Oct-17NZ SC ChampsBobbi Gichard100 BkBailey WangAnthony Mosse Classic18-Jan-1959.62
2.10.393-Oct-17NZ SC ChampsBobbi Gichard200 BkBailey WangAnthony Mosse Classic18-Jan-192.11.68
32.9210-Jul-222022 Tri SeriesRebecca Wilkins50 BrMatthew HolderNZ SC Champs2-Oct-1828.58
1.09.8110-Jul-222022 Tri SeriesRebecca Wilkins100 BrMatthew HolderNZ Sec. School Champs13-Sep-181.01.19
2.28.0728-Jul-22NZ Secondary School ChampsRebecca Wilkins200 BrBailey WangNZ SC Champs1-Oct-192.12.54
29.8810-Jul-222022 Tri SeriesRebecca Wilkins50 FlyAndrei SoldatovicNZ Sec. School Champs22-Jul-2125.46
NT100 FlyNT
NT200 FlyNT
1.07.5610-Jul-222022 Tri SeriesRebecca Wilkins100 IMMatthew HolderAnthony Mosse Classic18-Jan-191.00.00
NT200 IMBailey WangASA SC Champs7-Sep-182.09.05


25.2823-Aug-22NZSC ChampsVanessa Ouwehand50 FrMatthew HolderNZ Sec. School Champs12-Sep-1923.86
55.271-Oct-19NZSC ChampsVanessa Ouwehand100 FrBailey WangAnthony Mosse Classic18-Jan-1953.61
2.00.421-Oct-19NZSC ChampsHayley McIntosh200 FrMichael MinchamNZ SC Champs2-Oct-161.48.36
4.08.036-Oct-20NZSC ChampsHayley McIntosh400 FrMichael MinchamNZ SC Champs3-Oct-173.47.75
8.29.991-Oct-19NZSC ChampsHayley McIntosh800 FrCharles HeathcoteNZSC Champs23-Aug-228.42.84
16.23.781-Oct-19NZSC ChampsHayley McIntosh1500 FrMichael Mincham13th FINA World Champs7-Dec-1614.47.85
27.536-oct-20NZSC ChampsVanessa Ouwehand50 BkBrandon HolderNZ Sec. School Champs28-Jul-2226.82
58.6629-Jul-212021 ASA SC ChampsVanessa Ouwehand100 BkBrandon HolderNZSC Champs23-Aug-2258.43
2.10.393-Oct-17NZSC ChampsBobbi Gichard200 BkMatthew ZhengNZSC Champs23-Aug-222.07.94
32.9220-Jul-222022 Tri SeriesRebecca Wilkins50 BrMatthew HolderNZ SC Champs2-Oct-1828.58
1.09.8110-Jul-222022 Tri SeriesRebecca Wilkins100 BrMatthew HolderNZ Sec. School Champs13-Sep-181.01.19
2.28.0728-Jul-22NZ Secondary School ChampsRebecca Wilkins200 BrBailey WangNZ SC Champs1-Oct-192.12.54
26.4023-Aug-22NZSC ChampsVanessa Ouwehand50 FlyAndrei SoldatovicNZ Sec. School Champs22-Jul-2125.46
58.3123-Aug-22NZSC ChampsVanessa Ouwehand100 FlyAndrei SoldatovicAnthony Mosse Classic17-Jan-201.01.42
2.13.7823-Aug-22NZSC ChampsRuby Matthews200 FlyJack PotierNZ Sec. School Champs22-Jul-212.17.94
1.02.316-Oct-20NZSC ChampsVanessa Ouwehand100 IMMatthew HolderAnthony Mosse Classic18-Jan-191.00.00
2.15.2623-Aug-22NZSC ChampsRuby Matthews200 IMBailey WangNZ SC Champs7-Sep-182.07.68
4.44.4923-Aug-22NZSC ChampsRuby Matthews400 IMBailey WangASA Winter Champs8-Sep-174.37.25